Budapest Hungary poster print


If you are Hungary for a new city to explore, look no further than Budapest. From history to healing waters, dramatic architecture and thriving nightlife, there is probably a little something for everyone.

Hungary's capital city holds a staggering 33% of the country's population, and came to be in the late 9th century after an early Celtic settlement was changed into the Roman town Aquincum. It became known as Buda by the 15th century, then Budapest in 1873 after the unification of Obuda, Pest and Buda.åÊ

One of the highlights of Budapest is its abundance of spot springs, with visitors flocking since Roman times to take the waters in the hope of curing whatever ails they had. These days, they usually visit to enjoy a little R&R or as a cure for a macskajaj (hangover). Another is a visit to one of the many ruin pubs and garden clubs, known as kertek. These are literally created in the ruins of locations such as abandoned buildings, rooftops and even derelict pubs, covered over and turned into an area to socialise. Some of the kertek locations move each summer, whereas some remain permanent and open all year.

The Sz̩chenyi Chain Bridge (which you can see in our poster) is Hungarys oldest bridge, stretching across the River Danube. First opened in 1849, it was designed by English engineer William Tierny Clarke to unite the West and East sides of the city that were formally Buda and Pest. The bridge is often compared to Brooklyn Bridge in New York, in the sense that the structure has become significant to the cultural, economic and social life of the city.

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