I'd Rather be in Beijing poster print


If you can only visit one place in China, it should be Beijing. As the Capital city, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that Beijing holds the title of the world’s most populous capital, housing a whopping 21 million residents. 

Beijing weather is pretty similar to any standard’ holiday destination – the climate (and views of the stunning natural wonders) are best between May and September (it gets particularly hot in peak summer) whereas in the autumn/winter months the temperature is chillier and sometimes bring s snow. 

The city is home to many of the Seven Ancient Wonders of China too, that are highly regarded for their structural and cultural appeal. As well as the Great Wall these include the Hangzhou-Beijing Canal; the world’s longest canal built by the Sui Empire and stretching almost 1,400 miles. There’s also the Dujiangyan Irrigation System which has been regarded as a water engineering wonder for more than 2,000 years. The world’s largest ancient palace, The Forbidden City, also makes the list. Once home to the Ming and Qing emperors (plus 9,000 others) the whole place covers the size of 80 football pitches and has one of the world’s biggest wooden buildings (The Temple of Supreme Harmony)

The popular Chinese dish Peking duck was created right here in Beijing more than 600 years ago and seen as a symbol of traditional Chinese cuisine. Even today, the dish dominates many a Chinese menu around the world. 

We’d rather be in Beijing to experience its many cultural wonders and enjoy its array of delicious food that’s been beloved for generations.

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