Lake Como Italy Poster Print


If you're planning to holiday in Lake Como expect dramatic mountain backdrops, colourful landscapes and plenty of glamour. It is previously been described as the James Bond of the Italian lakes due to the high-end hotels and flash cars seen in the area, with parts of Casino Royal even being filmed here in 2006.

Lake Como itself is more than 20 miles long and is peppered with brightly coloured villages and towns along the shoreline, and has attracted wealthy holidaymakers since Roman times. Today; many A-list celebrities still pay the area visit to enjoy its easy charm and relaxed nature. Most famously, George Clooney bought a villa in the town of Laglio in the early 2000s and is a regular visitor, even sitting on a committee for the defence of the integrity of the banks of the lake.

The weather in Lake Como is classified as a humid subtropical climate; with temperatures reaching up to 24 degree Celsius in the peak summer months. In winter months the lake actually contributes to maintaining a higher temperature in the surrounding areas, rarely falling below freezing.

The view of Lake Como you can see in our poster design shows a panorama of the Alps and Bellagio; a popular village that juts out into the southern half of the lake and divides it in two. Bellagio is lauded as the pearl of Lake Como and retains many of its original features and old world Italian charm cobbled lanes, perfectly manicured shrubbery and beautiful buildings.

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