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Oh Positano... you will find this beauty of a village built into a cliffside in Southern Italy and boy does it have the wow factor!

Best viewed from the sea, the landscape is a vertical vision of brightly washed buildings founded in the 9th century. Since then this little towns life has been packed with drama, religion and legend of the sirens of Li Galli, who attempted to seduce passing sailors with their song.

The winding streets of Positano itself are where its charm really comes alive- think chic boutiques, real Italian leather and restaurants serving up authentic Italian food. Enjoy your favourite pizza or pasta dish over a lazy lunch with relaxing views of the Mediterranean Sea below.

Head down to beach and, not only can you enjoy views of the village above, but you may also spot some celebs! The Spiaggia Grande is one of the biggest and most glamorous beaches on the Amalfi Coast where stars, artists and fashionistas spend their Summer holidays. It was on one such trip that The Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Mick Jagger wrote Midnight Rambler while hanging out in the local cafes. Positano itself is also no stranger to starring on the big screen, featuring in several films in the nineties and noughties.

Because of its prime position, Positano is blessed with a mild climate all year round Summers are long and warm with a gentle sea breeze, whereas in winter temperatures rarely fall below six degrees.

Pour yourself an Aperol spritz, put your feet up and create your very own Amalfi fantasy with this image as your inspiration!

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