Rome Italy poster print


You think Italy, you think Rome. This charming city inspired so much history and architecture not only in Italy but throughout Europe.

Firstly, where else in the world would you find a country within a city?

Rome surrounds Vatican City (formally referred to as a City-State and the smallest country in the World) which is where our image is based. Headquarters of the Pope and Catholic Church, it is also a home to some of Worlds most iconic art as part of the Vatican buildings. Here you will find the Sistine Chapel, with its spectacular ceiling designed by the brilliant Michelangelo, and St. Peters Basilica with its Renaissance-style charm.

Spending time wandering around the famous Piazza San Pietro (St. Peters Square) is absolute must; marvel at the Berni ni and Maderno fountains and try spotting all 140 statues of Saints atop some of the 200-something columns as you go.

In Rome itself you are absolutely spoilt for choice with where to get your culture fix first, AND you will have the perfect backdrops to take amazing Instagram pics as you go- will it be venturing inside the Colosseum, tossing a euro into the stunning Trevi fountain, or admiring the majestic Spanish Steps that have attracted writers and actors through the ages?

We can't possibly talk about Italy without talking about food, because you will be spoilt for choice there as well. Pasta lovers, listen up: you're about to have the carbonara of dreams! If you still have room afterwards, there are thousands of gelateria selling scoops of traditional and more quirky flavours.

Rome wasn't built in a day and with so much packed into one place, you can see why!

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