New York Canvas Print


The Big Apple. NYC. Concrete jungle where dreams are made. New York is so iconic that it's just as recognisable by its nicknames around the globe, and it truly is a place you can go and never have the exact same trip twice. The Statue of Liberty, standing majestically in the front of our design, has always been a beacon of hope and freedom for the whole of the United States. Thousands of immigrants would catch sight Lady Liberty as they sailed down the Hudson River and instantly feel comfort. Tourists who visit Liberty Island are treated to amazing views of the Manhattan skyline as well as being in awe of the amazing statue up close. The Freedom Tower (officially named One World Trade Centre) stands proudly as party of the New York City skyline behind. As the tallest building in the United States, it hosts an observatory deck open to the public that offers stunning views of the city. New York is home to many iconic characters of fiction, so certain parts of the city can feel like you've landed on the set of a movie. For example; head to Central Park and you can spot the backdrop to scenes from Home Alone 2, Sex and the City, Enchanted, The Avengers and many more. There are websites that are able to tell you exactly what and where things are being filmed in the city at any given time, so you may even have the chance to turn up on set for real during your visit. We can't possibly talk about New York without mentioning food or the Manhattan nightlife. The city is famed for many cuisines - cheesecake, hot dogs, pizza by the slice, bagels with a schmear of cream cheese, and so much more. New York is often referred to as "the city that never sleeps" because there are fabulous clubs, bars and restaurants to go to 24 hours a day. Did you know that most New Yorkers don't actually live in Manhattan? The largest population now resides in the suburb of Brooklyn just across the bridge, which is a little more affordable and gives residents more great views of that skyline. 

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