Suluban Bali Canvas Print


Just when you thought you’d heard about all of Indonesia’s best beach spots, say hello to Suluban (also known as Blue Point Uluwatu). According to the Balinese vocabulary, the word ‘Suluban’ means to ‘bow down’ which becomes much clearer once you’ve paid it a visit!

A spot perfectly framed by cliffs, caves and coves topped off with cool azure waters lapping the shore, this beautiful beach in South Bali also has quite the reputation as a world class surfer’s beach (as you’ll see in our design). Like many of the best Bali beaches, getting to the beach itself requires a little bit of a walk through some ‘interesting’ terrain (including a bit of steps and bowing down, as we mentioned earlier) but the end result is well worth it. As you make your way down towards the sand you’ll stumble across souvenir shops, surf shacks, cafes and cliff top bars, which are the perfect place to stop and enjoy a birds eye view below at any time of day.

Once you’re on the beach, you can choose to stay in the main cove or have a little adventure (in the absolute loosest sense of the word) by crawling through the Suluban Beach cave to discover another sandy beach on the other side. Either way, this is the perfect place to soak up some of that famous Bali sunshine, particularly between May and September when there’s no rain. 

This stunning place may be an absolute must to add to you Bali itinerary, but this poster is also an absolute must to add some quirk and colour into your home décor.

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