Fuerteventura Canary Island poster print


As part of the Canary Islands group, a holiday to Fuerteventura at any time of year is guaranteed to be sun-soaked break. A short boat ride away from Lanzarote, the name roughly translates to mean strong (fuerte) fortune (ventura). The weather in Fuerteventura makes it a great place to visit year round, with temperatures sticking between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. 

Tourists tend to visit Fuerteventura for one of two things – a little R&R or the water sports.  The generally relaxed pace of life on the island makes chilling out very easy indeed – basking in the sun by day before partaking in some al fresco dining and entertainment by night. Waters ports enthusiasts have some great surfing opportunities – whether that is surfing, windsurfing or kite-boarding.

Fuerteventura has arguably some of the best beaches in all of the Canaries (which is why we’ve featured one in our poster design) with some even comparing them to the powdery white sands of the Caribbean. With more than 150km to choose from there’s every kind available from sweeping sand dunes, natural lagoon-like areas, solitary and undisturbed and lively with beach bars. 

The highlight of the island’s calendar each year has to be the Our Lady of Pen Del Mar festival. Taking place each October, it started out as a day of religious feasting but has since evolved in a 4 day party spectacular of dancing, fairground rides, fishing competitions and even a foam party! Hmm, maybe Fuerteventura is not the shy and retiring isle that people once thought…

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