We are proud to say that Paradise Posters is a family run business with a history that goes back 130 years. Our Art - Design - Print business "Granthams" opened it's doors in 1890. We are based in 'sunny' Blackpool and Preston. From here we produce all the prints for Paradise Posters. All our designs are created by Matt who is fourth generation in the family business. Matt lived in Bali and Hong kong for fifteen years working as a graphic designer and illustrator for some of the worlds leading fashion brands. Many of the designs he created were influenced by idyllic locations and cultures from around the world. In 2015 Matt and his growing family packed their bags in Bali and moved back to Europe, Mallorca was the place to go as Matt has been visiting the island since the late 70's. With his passion for design and experience in printing Matt created Paradise Posters. The plan for the future is to keep creating more designs influenced by beautiful locations around the world and printing them using interesting techniques. If you have a Paradise location you would like to see as a Poster design please let us know and maybe we can create it.