Jamaica poster print


Jamaica represents the ultimate laid back vibe when it comes to choosing a holiday destination.  From the dreamy white sand beaches, shady palm trees and beach bars serving up rum punch whilst reggae tunes play in the background, relaxation can be found in spades. Its glorious Caribbean weather means that there’s rarely a bad time to visit the island either; with temperatures sticking around the 30s most of the time (although avoiding the height of summer around July-August time is often advised due to hurricane season).

As well as offering a sleepier pace of life, Jamaica is also packed with history thanks to its colonial past. 18th century plantations and mansion houses can be found right across the island, but head to the capital of Kingston and that’s where history truly comes alive. The streets of Kingston are brimming with old-style architecture and museums telling the story of Jamaica’s past.

The flag of Jamaica is quite unique - consisting of a gold cross that divides the flag into four sections of green and black. It’s thought to be the only national flag not to contain the colours red, white, or blue. It was introduced in 1962 and an earlier interpretation of the colours was "hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shine" from a statement in a government Ministry Paper.

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