Normandy France poster print


The French region of Normandy is very well-known for its beautiful architecture, delicious cheese and massive amount of history, which is believe to span all the way back to prehistoric times based on cave paintings recovered by archaeologists.

Derived from the word Normanz or Normat, which literally translates to northman in several Scandinavian languages, present day Normandy is divided into more than 20 sub-regions. These regions also include the Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey because they are considered historically and culturally part of the region; even though official they are British territory.

The provincial of Normandy also has its own flag; a red background featuring leopards. There is a version with two leopards (known as les petits cats, or the little cats) and three leopards (les tres cats, or the three cats) which both originate from the coat of arms used by Richard I of England.

Normandy is most known around the world for the D-Day landings back in June 1944 as part of WW2; which is to this day are regarded as one of the most important military operations of all time.

These primarily took place on the beach of Arromanches-les-Bains (which is where we have set our design) where an artificial port was installed to allow for a whopping 9,000 tonnes of materials to be unloaded each day. The port was originally named Mulberry Harbour but later became known as Port Winston after the British Prime Minister, who was heavily involved in its conception. Sections of the makeshift port can still be seen to this day when visiting the area; on the sand and further out to see.

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