St Tropez France poster print


We are introducing the beautiful town of St. Tropez in our retro classic style. Bring back memories of your French adventure forever with this more traditional look print on the walls of your home it perfectly captures the laid-back style and French chic the town is well loved for.

Nestled in its own little enclave on the French map along the Cote d'Azur, St. Tropez is a top contender for the most glamorous vacation spot in all of France. The town is just under an hour away from the nearest airport (Toulon-Hy̬res) by car, but its most definitely worth taking that bit of extra journey time to kick back in ultimate French luxury.

Much the same as other towns in the South of France, St. Tropez started out as a small fishing village. It rose to prominence during World War 2 when it was the first place on the coast to be liberated as art of Operation Dragoon. It has been known as a go-to resort for the jet set ever since.

It may be a small, but St. Tropez is home to multiple beaches where you can relax (or party, usually with a cocktail or two) amongst the rich and famous and enjoy the glorious weather. If you are not lucky enough to own one of the super yachts moored in the harbour, you can rent one for the day and live out your own Brigitte Bardot-inspired fantasy.

If someone could bottle the essence of St. Tropez and sell it, they could make a killing. So, they did! A UK beauty brand was established in the early nineties selling products that replicate the golden glow only the French Riviera provides. Today, St. Tropez tan is one of the Worlds most popular self-tan brands on the market.

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