Vieux Port de Cannes France poster print


A visit to Cannes is always a good idea. Starting life as a tiny fishing village in the South of France, these days it is renowned worldwide as a place where the rich and famous congregate, usually to sip on a cool glass of champagne and enjoy the balmy weather.

The Cannes Film Festival is arguably what this little town is best known for, having hosted the star- studded event for over seventy years. Each year, the glitterati roll up and spend a few days on yachts, at parties and press junkets to promote their latest project. Glitz and glamour aside, the festivals aims of raising the profile of films, contributing to the development of cinema, and boosting the film industry worldwide are what continue to make the event a resounding success.

Away from the bright lights of cinema, it is easy to see how the beauty of Cannes can lure in visitors year after year palm tree line promenades provide an elegant path from lavish hotels to designer boutiques and sophisticated bars, before spilling on to one of the deliciously golden beaches to bask in the sun. People may go to Cannes for its reputation, but they keep going back because its reputation exceeds itself.

We have chosen to capture the elegance of Cannes in our brand-new pen, ink, and watercolour style. This traditional style of print will transport a little bit of French chic into your home and on to your walls, making it the perfect way to commemorate your favourite little piece of Francais heaven.

Our Travel Posters are original creations that we create ourself. We use quality paper for printing. All products are handmade, packed and shipped by our team. Our production is 100% made in the United Kingdom.