Capri Italy poster print


It may be a tiny little island off the West Coast of Italy; Capri has earned a worldwide reputation as being seriously beautiful. Everything from the enticing blue sea, elegant buildings and vibrant plant life give off an air of natural elegance that goes hand in hand with Italian culture.

Accessed via ferry from Naples or Sorrento all year round, in the summer months crossings are also available from Positano, Ischia or Salerno. Getting around the island is pretty easy too, thanks to its excellent public transport links. There's only one major road around the island which adds to the largely unspoilt landscape, and for most of the year vehicles aren't even allowed to embark (unless they belong to a resident).

One of Capris most distinctive landmarks is the Faraglioni, a large rock formation that is one of the first things you will see as you approach on the island. These limestone stack-like formations are so large that on a clear day they can be seen from Positano over 90 km away. Another huge tourist draw is the Blue Grotto on the South side of the island; a sea cave that is about 150m deep. The cave has such a small entry point that visitors have to lay down in a rowing boat to be able to enter, but once inside are treated to brilliant a space of tranquillity and calm flooded by blue and emerald light.

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