Lake Garda Italy Poster Print


In the North of Italy between Venice and Milan, Lake Garda is probably the most well-known (and largest) of all the Italian lakes. With a shoreline stretching around 90 miles, it is favoured by holidaymakers that enjoy a luxurious sunshine break brimming with adventure. From wandering around ancient cobbled streets, hiking in the mountains to relaxing in a waterfront eatery sipping on a cold Aperol, there is more than enough to stay occupied for a week or two.

Weather is Lake Garda is typically best in the summer months when temperatures will regularly hit between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Even in the latter months of the summer season (September-October) temperatures usually stay around a respectable 19 degrees Celsius.

The surrounding mountains provide a bit of shelter from strong winds, but it does still get a little chilly here in the winter months.

The area of Lake Garda we have featured in our poster design is the town of Limone; a cliff side town with traditional villas, busy promenade and framed by lemon groves that give the area a deliciously intoxicating fragrance. Although very popular now, Limone was pretty secluded and could only be reached by boat until the 1930s, when a road from the neighbouring Riva was built. For that old-world, authentic people, some travellers still choose to arrive to Limone by boat to take the beauty of the town from the water.

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