Manarola Italy poster print


As one of the five towns forming Italy's Cinque Terre region, Manarola is the second smallest with a tiny popular of just over 350. Thanks to the landmarks found in the area, it is also thought to be the oldest of the bunch and over time has developed a reputation for fishing and wine making. Gifted to have more grapevines than any of its neighbouring villages, the sweet Sciacchetri wine produced in town is regarded as the highest quality wine produced in the region. There is a famous Lovers Lane, known as Via dell Amore which is a footpath carved into the rocks just above the sea, which joins Manarola to its neighbour Riomaggiore.

Built around the top and sides of a rocky crop about 70 metres above sea level, the buildings here are more sunset than the traditional candy-colour of an Italian coastal town; featuring orange, white and yellow tones. There is no beach, but from the towns tiny harbour you can swim (the town is known for being a great deep water swimming spot) snorkel or rent a gommone (small boat) as well as catch a ferry to other towns along the Cinque Terre. If staying in town for a few days, many of the hotels and apartments offer spectactular views as well as the relaxed and friendly nature you would expect from a traditional Italian village.

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