Naples Italy poster print


120 miles southeast of Rome, the city of Naples is home to almost a million people and is the third largest city in Italy. With a history going all the way back to 9th century BC, it’s regarded as one of the oldest continually inhabited areas in the world.

Today, Naples is a colourful and vibrant city enjoyed by thousands looking to enjoy a few days of enjoying the sun, sights and culinary delights it has to offer. Wandering along the traditional Italian-style streets; it’s easy to get lost in a maze of streets and alleyways leading to old-style Italian architecture, buzzing markets and even a palace or two! Naples is home to no less than two royal palaces, three castles and (as you’d expect) some of the best pizza Italy has to offer.

In the background of our poster design you’ll spot Mount Vesuvius; a somma strato volcano about 9 km east of the city that is responsible for one of the area’s greatest disasters. Vesuvius is still very much considered as active and has erupted many times over the years, the most recent being 1944. It’s earliest recorded in AD 79 led to the complete destruction of the ancient city of Pompeii when it was buried under 13-20 feet of volcanic ash and pumice stone. The city and even some of its resident’s remains were remarkably well preserved underneath, giving a real insight into Roman life. Now declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, Pompeii attracts more than 2 million visitors every year, and Naples’s Museo Archeologico Nazionale also holds the world's finest collection of Pompeiian frescoes and mosaics.

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