Bathsheba Barbados poster print


Sitting on the rugged East coast of Barbados, it is claimed that a trip to Bathsheba is something of a retreat for locals, a place to relax and recharge before heading back to real life. That is quite a claim to make on an island that has more than handful of stunning spots!

Bathsheba is a small fishing village in the parish of Saint Joseph inhabited by about 5,000 people, which swells when tourists and fellow Bajans holiday in its quaint seafront properties. The village is likely named after Bathsheba, known from the biblical tale in which she was summoned by King David after seeing her bath in milk. Life is said to resemble Bathsheba's bath in both appearance health giving value, with legend saying that the white waters of the village are rich in minerals. Makes sense why people would think of it as a retreat.

The village has a stunning wide, white sand beach that stretches across a dramatic coastline of striking rock formations. On first glance, the formations look like huge boulders washed up on the beach, but they are actually rock formations broken away from ancient coral reef. There are also a series of natural shallow pools carved out in the sea that are popular to sit in on hot days. With the splashes from the tide, it almost feels like being in a Jacuzzi.

Bathsheba is something of a surfers paradise to Barbados and is home to the countries most famous wave, Soup Bowl. Soup Bowl has been described by pro surfers as one of the top waves to ride in the world and amazing fun to surf, thanks to its long rides and tube.

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