"New York - New York" poster print


Standing proudly on the corner of Fifth Avenue between 33rd and 34th Street, the Empire State Building is a place that is widely appreciated as a place to enjoy amazing views over the city.

The 102 story skyscraper was finished in 1931 and was named after the 'empire state', the nickname given to the state of New York. Designed by architects Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, it has a distinct art deco style in both the architecture and some of its interior decor. As with many iconic landmarks, the building has starred on the big and small screens hundreds of times over the years, most notably in the 1933 classic King Kong.

Each year, around 4 million tourists flock to the Empire State Building to see New York from above via the building's observation decks. Occupying floors 86-102, visitors can choose to enjoy the views from inside or outside, and can even purchase an audio tour highlighting key landmarks that can be seen. The observation decks are open daily between 8am - 2am, with the most popular time to visit being at sunset. Even the ride up to the top is quite something, with the ceiling of the elevator turning into a projector that allows you to travel through the building during its construction phase in 1930.

As well as enjoying views from the Empire State Building, its definitely worth making sure you enjoy some views OF this beautiful building too. A great place to get a birds eye view is from Top of the Rock, the observation deck at the top of Rockefeller Centre a little further up town that is great to visit after dark for a different kind of view.

The Empire State Building isn't just a tourist attraction, its also the hub of many well-known businesses - companies such as Coty, Shutterstock and LinkedIn are all based here. Not only that, but it was previously awarded the title of Uber's most popular destination!