Maya bay Thailand poster print


Dramatic cliffs, turquoise waters and powder white sands; Maya Bay, Thailand is the sort of stunning scene we've come to associate this beautiful country with. 

Situated on the Phi Phi islands close to Phuket, the bay itself is a small but perfectly formed round shape and 200m in length. The crystal-clear waters are inviting to both swim and snorkel in, as there are many tropical fish inhabiting the area.

If you've never visited Maya Bay beach before, it may still look familiar. Why? It was the setting for box office smash The Beach back in 2000, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Producers search the entire world for the perfect location before settling on Maya Bay, although they did make some adjustments to the vegetation to make things look more 'Hollywood'.

Most recently, Maya Bay has hit the headlines for ecological reasons. A victim of the film's success, at its peak it was attracting more than 6,000 visitors every day. As a result, the Thai National Parks Department decided to close the area to tourists in 2018 as part of a local regeneration programme to revive decimated corals and generally clean up the waste left behind by tourists. Since the closure, around 10,000 new corals have been planted and black tip sharks returned to the bay.

When the beach reopens it will become a location for more sustainable tourism with enhanced facilities and visitor limits in place to ensure that the area remains at its thriving and beautiful best.

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