Ilfracombe England poster print


Tucked into the North Devon coast, the season town of Ilfracombe was founded in the Iron Age and has since gone on to become a quaint and popular seaside town. Rumoured to be hot competition for Cornwalls St. Ives, it has been attracting holidaymakers since the 1800s that enjoy the beautiful scenery and activities the area has to offer. The harbour is often described as a jewel in the crown of the town, which is a hub for enjoying some of the areas many great places to dine and drink, and join one of the local boat trips. One of the most popular trips on offer is a Sea Safari, which takes visitors out to enjoy views of the coast from a different angle, and you may also spot a friendly dolphin or two!

Ilfracombe has also been the home of Verity since 2012. This is a steel and bronze statue of a pregnant woman that was created by Damien Hirst, which the artist describes as a modern allegory of truth and justice. Standing on a pile of law books, carrying the scales of justice and holding a sword above her head, Verity stands at the entrance to the harbour and is officially loaned to Ilfracombe for twenty years.

Although there are a few gorgeous beaches in the area, the one that attracts the most attention is Tunnels Beach, which is featured in our poster design.

As the name suggests, the beach can be accessed via a set of tunnels that were hand carved in the 1820s to preserve Victorian modesty. Today the upper section of the beach is a sought after wedding venues, with couples flying in from around the world to enjoy the intimate feel and dramatic landscape it provides.

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