Marazion England poster print


The Cornish town of Marazio claims to be the oldest town in Britain and is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Its unusual name is believe to come from the Cornish word Marghaisewe, meaning Thursday market (it was also known by Ictis to the Romans) and is home to a just under 1,500 permanent residents.

The summer months are when the town is most full of life; the weather is usually dry and sunny, which makes it perfect for hitting the beach and enjoying water sports or a spot of sunbathing. In the cooler winter months, the area is wonderful for enjoying crisp countryside walks and local wildlife. As many other popular towns have done in recent years, Marazion has a series of webcams dotted about the area people to enjoy its beauty for afar; showing its beautiful tree lined streets and magical sea views.

The most identifiable part of Marazion is St Michael's Mount, which is what can be seen in our poster design. This little island is half a mile off the shore and is accessed via a causeway or small boats. The castle sitting majestically on top is almost 230 feet above sea level and remains the home of the St Aubyn family (retained by a 999 year lease) who have opened the building and its grounds to the public. As well as the castle, the island has its own little village thats home to around 30 residents.

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