Mykonos Greece poster print


Mykonos has risen to prominence over the past few years as a sophisticated party destination that also has scenery to give your Instagram feed one heck of a dreamy makeover. Throngs of celebrities and those with money to flaunt flock to the island every year to wander in the labyrinth of white cobbled streets, party all night in exclusive bars or shop in the endless streets of boutiques selling designer and local goods (had woven straw goods being the most popular of the latter).

Days on the island are best spent at a beach club or sipping on fresh juice along the sea front. It gets incredibly hot during the summer months, so a cool breeze (and an even cooler drink) are the perfect way to chill. Much the same as its sister Santorini, you can enjoy some amazing sunsets in Mykonos. For maximum enjoyment, pick a restaurant or bar built into a cliff side or high up above the town to enjoy a golden hour like no other.

The area we have chosen for our design is nicknamed Little Venice which is situated on the sea front in Mykonos Town. Its name was given due to the buildings and their balconies being right on the waters edge. It is a popular place to both photograph and visit, because from there you get a prime view of the infamous Mykonian windmills across the bay

They don't call it Mykonos magic for nothing!

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