Brighton England poster print


Famed for its eccentric Pavilion, being the closest South coast to London, the site of ABBA’s Eurovision win in 1974 and generally as a top British beach town, Brighton is something of an icon. 

Officially referred to as Brighton and Hove (with the latter being a ‘city village’ just west of the centre) the town is easy to get around on foot or by public transport. One of the most iconic visions of Brighton is its beach (as we’ve shown in our poster design) - there’s nothing that quite says you’re on a British beach holiday more than relaxing in a deck chair before heading onto the promenade for a spot of fish and chips! The stretch of sand in the Hove area is also pretty popular too; thanks to the rows of eye-catching beach huts, making it one of the most colourful places in town. 

Brighton has evolved to become more than just your average seaside town. Today, it’s known as one of the most eclectic and diverse cities in the UK -  home to fabulous street art, award-winning places to eat and drink and the LGBTQ capital of the UK hosting some of the country’s most prominent Pride events.

There’s plenty of hotels to choose from if you’re planning to stay in Brighton for a few days (and we definitely think you should) but it’s also a great base to go off and explore some of the other beauties the South of England has to offer, such as the beautiful countryside of Sussex. 

People don’t say ‘Brighton rocks’ for nothing!