Crete Greece poster print


As the largest island in Greece, Crete is packed with all the history, mystery and meze you would expect from a visit to this part of the world.

Agios Nikolaos which we have chosen as the subject of our design, is a bit of a renegade compared to other towns and villages on the island. Firstly, it has no less than three sea facings the marina, beach and Lake Voulismeni (which is connected to the sea by a narrow inlet). The lake is probably the most popular waterfront area to gather and enjoy, with both visitors and locals visiting the many bars and restaurants that pepper the shoreline.

Heading over to the West island for a visit to Chania is an absolute must, and you will be just as blown away by its beauty as Ag Nik. It maintains many of the original stunning buildings from the time of its Venetian rule, and its beautiful maze of streets filled with local shops and eateries are a joy to get lost in.

The beaches are guaranteed to catch your attention almost as much as the beautiful buildings with over 650 miles of coastline its hardly surprising to hear that some of Greeces best beaches are right here on the island. Another good reason to visit the Chania area is to find some of the best ones, with Caribbean-esque water and powder white sand.

We have chosen to present Crete in our retro style design to highlight its quirky and beautiful character in this style of print. This sunset inspired colourful print is a beautiful and chic addition to the walls of any home to remind you of your perfect piece of paradise.

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