Dubai poster print


Dubai has fast earned a reputation for being the luxury beach break of choice for the rich, the famous, and the wannabes.The flight from London to Dubai is fairly short, around 6 hours, and on landing you're transported into an utterly unique world of opulence, ultra-modern architecture and lively nightlife. 

The most famous piece if architecture in recent years has got to be the Burj Al Arab, the iconic 5-star hotel (although its often been touted as the world's only 6 star hotel) that's the subject of our design. Among the tallest hotels in the world, its built on a man-made island that took 3 years to be claimed from the sea, and inside is a luxury paradise. As well as a private beach, the hotel also offers a unique afternoon tea experience overlooking the Dubai skyline, a shuttle service with Royals Royce and spectacular world-class spa.

Dubai is something of fanatic of creating artificial land. One of its other infamous constructions is The World Islands, situated about 4km off the coast that are supposed to resemble a map of the world when seen from above. The project remains under construction to this day.

The Dubai weather is most definitely one of the draws to this glamorous city- in the summer months it reaches heights of the mid 40s (Celsius) but even in winter months only falls as low as the mud twenties, meaning it is great to frolic on the beach all year round. The other key draw is the hotels, which are on another level. Many Dubai hotels are 4- and 5-star accommodation with luxury decor, attentive staff and world class facilities available for guests.