Florence Italy poster print


Nestled in the Tuscan region of Italy, Florence is the former centre of trade and finance for medieval Europe. Ranked alongside Milan as one of the fashion capitals of the world, it’s also widely thought to be the birthplace of the Renaissance (which has why it’s sometimes been referred to as the “Athens of the Middles Ages”).

A great way to see (and taste) some of the best parts of Florence is by taking a food tour. Guides will take you through the streets of the city stopping to sample local delicacies as wine, pasta gelato and cicchetti (Italian small plates or side dishes).

Just peeking over the rooftops in our design you can see the Florence Duomo, otherwise known as the Cathedral of Santa Marie del Fiore. This stunning Gothic-style marble and brick building covers a staggering 8,300 square metres in total and took and equally staggering 140 years to fully construct…perfection really does take time! The iconic dome was the last thing to be added after a few ‘technical difficulties’.

A great place to view the majesty of the Duomo and the stunning rooftops of Florence (basically a close up version of our poster design) is to hear up the Giotto's Campanile, which is a tower that is part of the Cathedral’s complex of buildings. There’s a fee to enter and a tiring 414 steps to climb to the top, but the views are worth it.

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