Gibraltar poster print


Poet Laurie Lee once referred to Gibraltar as a piece of Portsmouth sliced off and towed 500 miles south and he wasn't far wrong. With its red post boxes, everything priced in Sterling and a smattering of fish and chip shops, many people do see this British Territory as a home from home! But there is more to this little haven than that. Firstly, the weather stays pretty nice all year round temperatures rarely drop below double figures, even in winter, and it predicts just 44 days of wet weather per year.

There is plenty of things to do both on and off land that would make for an enjoyable break away. Outdoor lovers can enjoy a spot diving amongst the spectacular natural reefs, dolphin watching from a yacht or nature trails, or for a more relaxed pace hit one of the three beaches. There is also plenty of indoor adventure thanks to the array of museums, cinemas and even escape rooms! The fun doesn't stop when the sun sets either; with Queensway Quay and Casemates Square providing everything from laid back drinks to decadent beverages by the sea and nightclubs open til sunrise.

We've put the iconic Gibraltar rock at the forefront of our poster design, which has evolved to become one of the areas biggest tourist attractions as well as a landmark. As one of Europes most dramatic landforms, tourists can pay to ride a cable car up to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and enjoy the amazing panoramas over all of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. Braver souls can also venture over the Windsor Suspension Bridge or even the 340m- high glass Skywalk for views like no other. Make sure you don't forget about the reserves main residents whilst you are walking around, the 160-strong tribe of tailless Barbary Macaques. These cheeky monkeys wander all over the rock (their favourite spot is by the cable car station) and have been known to make off with the odd hat or pair of sunglasses, so keep your wits about you!