Halong Bay Vietnam poster print


Since its meteoric rise in popularity over recent years, many people ask is Halong Bay worth visiting when I got to Vietnam? Yes, the answer will always be yes!

Situated around 3 hours from Hanoi in the ng Ninh Province of Vietnam, the name -Long translates to mean "descending dragon". The area has a history going all the way to prehistoric times, and was declared World Heritage Site in the mid-1990s.

With an array of scattered islands (more than 1600 in total), dramatic limestone pillars, hidden grottos, lush jungle greenery and dreamy blue-green waters, it is truly a stunning part of the world. Some of the islands are hollow which means visitors can go inside and explore the caves, some of which also have their own lakes.

The weather in Halong Bay is best enjoyed between November and March, when temperatures are warm and dry (ranging between 20-34 degrees Celsius). Visiting during the off-season of May and September can be beneficial to beat the crowds, and the weather is mostly good, however the area is prone to random hurricanes and storms that can delay or cancel activities.

There are plenty of hotels for those looking to stop and spend a few days in the Halong Bay. Dotted all around the bay, there is somewhere to suit every taste and budget whether that be a 2 star hostel, 5 star spa resorts with lush interiors or a cruise with views of the whole bay.

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