Istanbul Turkey poster print


As the largest (and one of the oldest) city in Turkey, Istanbul has an impressively long history spanning back to 660 BCE. In the year 2000 it was named European Capital of Culture; a title that helped it to become the fifth most popular tourist destination by 2018. Evidence of Istanbuls ancient history can still be spotted around the city, several areas of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These include the Archaeological Park, Suleymaniye quarter and Zeyrek area.

As with many popular Turkish destinations, Istanbuls weather is best enjoyed in the summer months when temperatures climb up to 27 degrees Celsius. But even the winter months in the city are pretty mild; usually sticking between 5 - 8 degrees.

The beautiful building seen across the Bosporus River in our poster design is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, more commonly called Blue Mosque. Opened in 1616, it was originally built to reassert Ottoman power; today it remains a functioning Mosque and one of Istanbuls most popular tourist spots. The striking design features a total of 13 domes, 6 minarets (towers) and is decorated with 20,000 hand painted glazed ceramic in different tuple patterns. The lower levels are illuminated by its 200 stained glass windows.

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