Kenya Africa poster print


Located in East Africa, fossils found in Kenya show that the country is like to have a history dating back around 20 million years. It borders with no less than  5 other countries - South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania – and is home to just under 50 million people.

The weather in Kenya is always sunny (as you’d imagine) with temperatures ranging from a not-so-chilly 12 degrees Celsius to somewhere in the late 20s. The warmest months are spring to early summer; however this is also when humidity is at its height, reaching up to 75%.

When people think of Kenya, they almost certainly think of safari. In our poster design we’ve captured a scene in Amboseli National Park, a game reserve spanning a whopping 392.06 km2.  Originally occupied by the Maasai population, today the area is populated by people from around the country and has become a successful tourist area with one of the best wildlife viewing experiences in the world.  

Among the many different animals are giraffes; Kenya is home to a few species with the most common being the Masai. Mount Kilimanjaro (which is in neighbouring Tanzania but very close to the Kenyan border) can be seen riding up over the landscape provides extra drama to an already stunning view.

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