Kyrenia Cyprus poster print


Sitting proudly just South of Turkey, Cyprus is one of the UKs favourite holiday spots and is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean (Sicily and Sardinia being the largest). The Southern, Greek side of the island has been a tourist hub for many years; however the Northern, traditionally more Turkish side is a relative newcomer to the mainstream holiday market. The landscape is still pretty unspoilt; but you will find the same friendly local charm and things to do that make this a great place to add to your must visit list.

A great way to explore Northern Cyprus is by car, and they drive on the left which makes it super easy for Brits to figure out the rules of the road (even if the Turkish/Greek road signs take a bit more effort!)

Kyrenia, where this image is based, is one of the most popular destinations in Northern Cyprus, and definitely one of the most attractive. This tiny little town is jam packed with history thanks to the fact that its played host to many civilisations over the past few thousand years including the Romans, Egyptians, Hittites, Phoenicians and Persians.

The harbour in particular is a magnet for visitors. With plenty of dining tables lining the horseshoe bay right at the waters edge, its the perfect place to enjoy dinner or an evening drink watching the lights glisten. The castle that stands guard over the harbour is described as the jewel of the crown and is great to explore for both adults and kids.

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