Lake Bled Slovenia poster print


This is a destination that that looks like it could’ve easily come to life straight out of a fairy-tale book! Less than an hour away from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, Lake Bled is a beautiful area surrounding blue lake that was formed by a glacier. There’s lot of boats to be spotted from the shoreline, however due a motor boat ban in the area all of them are row boats which adds to the traditional feel of the area. 

Lakes and mountains-style holidays are popular in the area in the spring and summer months, when the sun is shining and weather is more pleasantly want. In the winter things tend to get a little chillier, with temperatures dipping below freezing. 

Perched high on the cliffs above stands Bled Castle; the oldest castle in Slovenia that dates back to around 1011. Open to the public year round, visitors can also choose to dine in the castle restaurant and marvel at amazing views right across the lake.

In the centre of the lake is the picture perfect Bled Island, which we’ve shown in our poster design.  The teeny little island is only accessible by boat (the preferred kind being a Plenta, which is a kind of gondola) and hosts one of the area’s greatest tourist attractions – Church of the Assumption. Built in 1655, the church is reached by climbing 99 steps to the top. Still a popular wedding location to this day, it’s tradition for the Groom to carry their new Bride all the way to the top continues to and ring the bell inside to wish luck over the marriage.

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