Madeira Portugal poster print


Famed for its food, lush greenery and sub-tropical climate, Madeira is widely regarded as one of the nicest and safest holiday destinations in the world. Officially part of Portugal, its made up of 4 islands that sit just off the northwest coast of Africa.

Although holidaymakers aren't known to flock to Madeira specifically for its beaches, there are several great ones to be enjoyed. Whether it is the more traditional long stretch of golden sand in Praia de Machio, the pebbled shores of Praia do Vigario or the volcanic black sands of Santa Cruz, there is a little something everyone can appreciate.

Madeira is also pretty famous for its fortified wine. Not be confused with the traditional port of Portugal, it is made from several different varieties of grape and can range in taste from sweet to dry.

Our poster design features the fishing village of Camara de Lobos, which is in the south-central part of Madeira and about 5km from the capital of Funchal. The word lobos roughly translates to mean seals as the animals where discovered in the area by Portuguese discoverer Jọo Gon̤alves Zarco, which is how it came to be named. With its rows of pristine white buildings, terracotta rooftops and clear waters with rows of fishing boats bobbling along the surface, it is easy to see how it inspired Sir Winston Churchill to paint it.

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