Maldives poster print


If you were to picture the Maldives your mind would likely conjure up images of powdery white sands and sparkling turquoise waters with rows of pretty wooden huts. And well, you'd be exactly right!

On the map, the Maldives could look like a bid country, but it actually holds the titles of smallest Asian country by land (a lot of the area is ocean) 2nd least populous country in Asia (it has just over half a million residents) and one of the worlds most geographically dispersed sovereign states. Consisting of across 1,192 islands and stretching out 541 miles in length, the Maldives was a fairly unknown holiday destination until the 1970s when the first hotel was built.

In the present day, tourism is the Maldives number 1 form of income with over 1.5 million tourists visiting each year.

With so many beautiful resorts to choose from, island hopping here is common. There are three ways to do this by boat, seaplane or domestic flight. And hotels in the Maldives really are hard to beat. Even though there are funs things to do during your trip (mainly water based activities such as diving and submarine trips) it is also one of the best places one earth to relax and do nothing, and the hotels are designed with this in mind. As well as having rooms with breath-taking views of lush tropical garden or the ocean (with some even being built on stilts in the middle of the water) many also have on site spa and golf facilities on hand for when you are ready to rise from your sun lounger.

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