Santa Ponsa Mallorca poster print


Occupying a sheltered cove on Mallorcas southwest coast, Santa Ponsa has proved a hit with holidaymakers for over 60 years.

It holds a key part of the islands history, dating all the way back to 1229 when Jaume landed and began his conquest. The cove he landed in, Sa Caleta, is now the site of the resorts marina.

As with many of Mallorcas coastal spots, Santa Ponsa has a stunner of a beach- large with gleaming white sand and backed by a shade of pine trees. If you look closely and are very lucky, you may even spot a few parakeets hanging out on the branches!

In addition to the big beach there is also a smaller cove nearby, playfully dubbed Playa Peque̱na or small beach. There is a pretty great nightlife scene to be had here as well; but if you fancy a chance the wilder resorts of Magaluf and Palma Nova are 10 minutes down the road.

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