Seychelles poster print


Perched in the Indian Ocean more than 500 miles away from its closest neighbour, the allure of a visit to the Seychelles is that it truly is a secluded paradise. Spread across 115 islands split into groups that are virtually untouched, they first became popular with pirates back in the 18th century. These days, it is a popular spot for honeymooners, including a certain Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

All of the islands have been touched by Mother Nature and blessed with a wealth of beauty and wildlife. The area is virtually disease-free, houses many rare species of wildlife and has almost half of its landmass set aside for reserves and natural parks in its commitment to conservation.

The main island Mah̩ is the archetypal tropical paradise lush green forests as far as the eye can see and 65 of the dreamiest beaches you are ever likely to see in your lifetime. The island is home to the majority of the Seychelles - 90,000 population as well the main tourist hub of hotels and activities. Aside from enjoying the tranquil pace of life, there are plenty of things so do on and offshore during a visit to Mah̩ snorkelling, water sports, botanical gardens, zip lining, spas and even a tea factory.

From Mah̩ you can hop over to some of the other islands in the archipelago (cluster of islands) via a short flight with Air Seychelles or catamaran ferry. The next place tourists tend to hop to after Mah̩ is Praslin Island, the second largest and location of what is widely touted as one of the worlds best looking beaches, Anse Lazio.

Endangered species such as black parrots and blue pigeons occupy the jungle areas, making it feel like you are living your very own Robinson Crusoe experience.

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