St Moritz Switzerland poster print


The official St. Moritz website claims that it is more than just a winter sports destination and they are absolutely right!

This stunning Swiss Alpine town is in fact where winter tourism was born, dating all the way back to 1864 as the result of a bet between a local hotelier and a group of British tourists. Long story short, the hotelier won, and people have been flocking to visit ever since.

Before then, St. Moritz had earnt a reputation as a summer spa town, thanks to its mineral springs which became renounced for their supposed healing properties dating back to the 1500s. St. Moritz is also known for having plenty of sunny days; so much so, that the sun became a legally protected emblem of the town in 1930. Aside from relaxing, the summer months are also the perfect time to indulge in a spot of hiking, golfing and water sports.

But back to the magical winter seasons of St. Moritz, which has hosted the Winter Olympics twice and James Bond once, in the ski chase scene of The Spy Who Loved Me. As well as being popular for skiing on the 350km worth of pistes, the resort boasts one of the oldest icy bob runs in the world for the thrill of taboggan riders. Visitors can also enjoy curling, cross country skiing, or hit the snowboard fun park.

The apr̬s ski life is pretty good too. Nightlife is known to be as extravagant and unique as they come, with champagne on tap and views over the iconic mountains. In the town of St. Moritz itself you will find some of fashions heavyweights such as Asprey, Hermes and Mui Mui alongside sporting goods stores and independent boutiques.

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